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Biomaterials including growth factors, peptides, natural extracts, and stem cell culture medium, etc. using genetic engineering technologies
EGF, an epidermal cell growth factor, is an ingredient that promotes the growth of epidermal cell by inducing differentiation of cells, proliferation of endothelial cells, and proliferation of dermal and epithelial cells as well as fibroblast that synthesizes collagen, which is a constituent ingredient of dermis. Accordingly, it is an ingredient with outstanding skin regeneration effects.
bFGF, a growth factor of fibroblast, as an ingredient that promotes and induces fibroblast division of basilar membrane area of skin, promotes recovery of aged tissues, healing of wounds, and regeneration of tissues.
bFGF not only increases collagen synthesis, but also increases vitality of EGF or other types of growth factors, increases skin elasticity by creating strong collagen lattice structure, and increases synthesis of collagen and elastin, which is a component of healthy skin.
CHA-CCL5 is a chemoattractant that attracts appropriate immunocytes, such as eosinophil, lymphocyte, and monocyte to infected areas. It stimulates immunocyte and skin cells, maintains and improves immune reaction related to various infections and skin inflammation caused by contaminated environment.
VEGF, growth factor for endothelial cells of blood vessel, promotes differentiation and movement of cells with cytokine that increases the infiltration of blood serum protein in capillary vessels. It sustains the survival of newly generated blood vessels through suppression of cell extinction and is in charge of immune control by suppressing antigen of neural cells as well as induces generation, growth and differentiation of cells.
hGH, a growth hormone, is one of growth factors known as somatrophin. It is reported to control the growth and promotion of metabolism in human body directly and indirectly by increasing the generation of IGF-1, lipolysis and transportation of amino acid into the cells to enhance synthesis of protein, etc.